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Do you need to be a ghost on the web? You need to check if someone is tracking you, clear up virus, check if you phone is hacked? Do you need your records wipe off the web without trace? I’m invincible and I can make you too.

My Fulltime Job is of Research and Development. I can do programming using C#,VB in .net environment. I like to do things efficient. Especially like to do different type of projects. Have good knowledge about Malwares and Reversing Binaries too. Have good WinOS knowledge too. Looking for challenging opportunities provide support in cleaning virus.

I can help clean your computer from adware’s, trojans, malwares, pups(potential unwanted programs) and also run repairs to your computer to reset any changes these malwares had caused to registry files by running windows repair. I can also help you to install best free anti-virus protection.

I also help remove those infections that causes browser redirection and reset file permissions to default.you can watch all this While I do the repairs. I repair your system through remote access. We can also protect your phones, social media account.

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