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I’m highly skilled and energetic U.S. based software development team with a proven track record on Hack Wizards and our other business channels. We deliver excellent service built upon an open dialogue with our clients. I have a very flexible skill-set.

I have above 13 years of experience in VB6 Desktop Applications, Add-In projects, access database, SQL-2005 designing & reports through Printer.Print, Data Reports, Excel, Word, Crystal Reports, which allows me to get the better development of any Project.

I have designed and developed over 40 VB6, VB.Net Applications (Desktop Applications and Add-In Projects) for different industries, institutes, including fashion, retailers, commission agents, etc. In all these, I fulfill all the requirements of user very well. They all satisfy from my good jobs, serves to them. I hope, I fulfill any related projects as very well in future which assign to me.

My core competency is in building web application for you or your company from grounds up using core php MySQLjQuery bootstrap. I am also comfortable working with other people’s code. A few skillsset I have acquired in during my professional years: a) Listening, Understanding, Analyzing Programming Experience.

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