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How to Hack Gmail Account: Five Ways You May Follow

Whether it is about managing your personal information and taking notes or communicating with people, the importance of Google account is undeniable. But, what happens if you lose your account password or forget it? Is it possible to restore your valuable Gmail data?

Well, it is possible. But, you will be able to achieve this goal only when you know how to hack Gmail address or how to restore Gmail account. Hacking any Gmail address is quite convenient if the user loses his or her account password. It is also an excellent way to check the security of your account.

You may try several ways to break-in. But, one thing you should keep in mind- hacking someone’s Gmail account is not legal.

#1: Understand Your Limitations

Gmail is a secure service. One of the easiest ways to hack into a person’s account is by stealing his or her password. You may have to access his or her mobile device for the two-factor authentication. Unfortunately, there is hardly any other way to have the two-factor authentication. You will also have to understand that accessing someone’s Gmail account without his or her permission is illegal. This article is just for educational purposes.

#2: Use Keylogger

  • Look for a Keylogger Program As Per Your Needs

Keystroke logging, also known as keylogging, is an action that involves recording almost everything a person types on the computer. Keyloggers run in the background and this is why it becomes difficult for the users to notice them. Several keylogger programs are available and you may get them at free of cost. Choose the one as per your needs. Some of the common programs include,

  • Spyrix Free Keylogger.

  • Actual Keylogger

  • Lola

  • NetBull

  • Install It on the Specific Computer

Administer access to your target’s computer will be needed. On most of the computers, the password will either be blank or be “admin”. However, the installing process varies from program to program. Before proceeding further, you should know that It is illegal to install a keylogger program without the person’s consent.

  • Start the Keylogger and Let It Run

Start the keylogger to allow it to record keystrokes. The process for starting it depends on the specific program you are using. For multifunctional keylogger program, you may need to configure it to the record keys. When the target person uses the computer, do not forget to run the keylogger. It is likely to capture plenty of information. You will also be able to filter on the basis of the window that the target is typing in.

  • See the Logs

Certain keylogger programs are designed to send logs to your own email while others require you to send them back from the target’s computer. Until you find the password of the target’s Gmail account, you need to browse through logs. So, this is one of the answers to the question - how to hack Gmail.

#3: Use the Password Manager of Browser

  • Open the Specific Browser Your Target Uses

In order to hack a person’s Gmail account, you must be able to access his or her computer. Just try this method when your target is out of the room or you have some time alone. You need to open a link from any email or Help menu in order to launch the default browser.

  • Open the Specific Browser’s Password Manager

The process of opening the password manager varies from browser to browser.

Chrome: Click the menu button and select “settings” from the submenu. After that you need to click on “Show advanced settings” and then “password and forms”. Finally, click on “Manage passwords”.

Internet Explorer: Select the Tools menu or click a Gear button. Once you make the selection, it’s time to click the “Content” and “Settings” button one by one. After that, you will find a new window. You need to select “Manage Passwords” from it.

  • Find the Gmail Password

One of the fastest ways to get the list of your target’s passwords is using the search bar of the password manager and search for “Google”. Look for your target’s Gmail address.

  • Try The Password

Select the target’s Gmail password and click “Show password” to see it. There is a possibility that you will have to put the administrator password before the Gmail password is displayed. Once you get the password, close the password manager and try the password from another mobile device or computer. If your target set two-factor authentication, you cannot access his or her Gmail account unless you get the code that is sent to his or her phone.

  • Use a Packet Sniffer

You will be able to understand the process involves in hacking Gmail account through a packet sniffer only when you know how cookie words. When a user logs into Gmail, a special file known as “cookie” is sent to his or her computer. It allows the person to stay logged in even after he or she leaves Gmail. Through a packet sniffer, you will be able to find the cookies which are transferred over the network. In order to access your target’s Gmail inbox, you need to find his or her Gmail cookie. You will also have to be connected to the same network your target is using.

#5: Play the Guessing Game

People who have been wondering how to hack Gmail or how to find their targets’ Gmail password can play the guessing game to attain their goals. This method hardly requires any special programs or skills.

What you need to do is guessing. To get your target’s password, just ask yourself some simple questions about him or her- “What is the name of his or her pet?” what is his or her nickname?” etc. You may use the answers as his or her passwords. Few people prefer to keep weak passwords which are easy to remember and also they are easy to guess.

Apart from the mentioned, there are several other ways to hack Gmail account. As you can see, attaining this goal requires patience since it is time-consuming. Just choose the process that is less time consuming and use it skillfully to attain your goal now. For more info, click here now!!

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